Bungie - Destiny 2

Launch and Live-Service Campaign

"Forsaken – Launch Trailer"

gnet has served as strategic and creative collaborators with Bungie as they navigated the move from developer to self-publisher and transitioned their Destiny franchise from console blockbuster to always-on live-service.

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The Approach

As a live-service game, Destiny is an ever-evolving product that must balance reaching for new players, while continually inviting its existing player base deeper into an endlessly immersive experience.

This demands blending a wide range of tactics that can, on one hand, accessibly position the game as a mass-market blockbuster, and on the other hand, maintain an ongoing and authentic engagement with its vocal core community. The need to speak to this divergent span of audience requires a variety of different messaging across a variety of different channels, but all done in a way that fits together in a cohesive and harmonious way.

Consequently, our creative output ranges from epic, broadly-reaching announce and launch trailers, to information-packed seasonal and quest-based teasers that retain players and prevent them from churning out, to deep character- and universe-building content for new and core players alike, and even precision-targeted, fan-service videos that are only decipherable and meaningful to the hardcore Guardian community.

The Work


We collaborate with Bungie to launch a number of game products, including a full-on sequel, major expansions, and continual seasons. Launch trailers carry the burden of bringing in new consumers, retaining existing players, and reeling the lapsed back in. These assets must blend accessible cinematic narrative with technically impressive gameplay sequences in the most epic of ways.


The intricacies of a complex game like Destiny make it deeply rewarding to its player base, but can risk confusing the broader audience of new players. We produce an array of informational spots that help explain aspects of game mechanics and modes, and the franchise’s many programs and promotions.


To help emphasize the immersive depth of Destiny’s space-opera narrative, these assets provide a taste of the many beloved characters in the game.


We work with Bungie to continually highlight the newest and greatest additions to the game, making core-centric spots that galvanize Destiny’s active players and motivate the lapsed to return.


Destiny is often played as a PVE game, so these multiplayer trailers are designed to showcase just how intense, and rewarding, Destiny’s innovative PvP matches can get.

The Results

We’ve helped Destiny successfully transition not only into a self-published blockbuster franchise but also into a live-service - creating content that inspires passionate community conversation, engagement and growth. Our Seasonal trailers consistently trended in the top 4 on YouTube providing conversation-fuel that helped make Destiny the 3rd most active subreddit forum in 2019 - only behind Fortnite and League of Legend. Largely driven by word-of mouth through conversation generated by the seasonal content, Bungie’s Free-to-play offering launched with nearly 300K concurrent players.

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