Netflix – Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3

“Let The Devil Out” Campaign

“Let The Devil Out” Campaign Case Study Video

A campaign layered with subtle symbolism sparked discussion among core fans, driving pre-premiere catch up and increased global viewership for the 3rd season of the Marvel franchise.

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The Approach

While preparing to launch season 3 of Daredevil, we collaborated with Netflix’s consumer insights group to determine the main draw for core fans to return to the series was the binding dynamic between hero and villain.

Our campaign platform and its tagline “LET THE DEVIL OUT” was designed to ignite fan conversation by teasing the long-awaited, must-watch transformations of Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and his nemesis Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) while emphasizing the connection and conflict between the two characters.

The campaign offers a tantalizing hint of what will happen when Daredevil eschews his civilian identity as Matt Murdock, moral upholder of justice, and chooses to become a ruthless vigilante willing to do whatever’s necessary to clean up Hell’s Kitchen. Our creative parallels Murdock’s trajectory with that of his foe Wilson Fisk, who is just being released from prison and is in a dark decent to becoming the notorious villain Kingpin.

The Work


Primary key art shows the iconic Daredevil suit peeling away to reveal the ominously black clothes Matt wears as the vigilante. Continuing the duality theme, other key art shows Daredevil seemingly in combat with himself. Designed to speak to core fans on another level, one of the combatants is actually foe Bullseye in disguise


A dueling pair of custom-shot, character-focused teasers leverage carefully scripted monologues to hint at how Kingpin and Daredevil are driving each other to finally “Let The Devil Out.”


Closer to launch, this custom-shot promo drove fans to discussion, debate, and speculation. We used minimalist symbolism to tee up the transformative storylines for both hero and villain, and hint at the duality that connects and contrasts them. This “Burn” promo positions the two as true opposites: Fisk assuming an identity (Kingpin); while Daredevil discards one (Matt Murdock).

The Results

Both fans and the media picked up on the subtle symbolism layered into the campaign and social channels lit up with discussion and debate resulting in a 144% increase in web interest and 100% increase in YouTube interest in the show (based on search volume via google trends).

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