Netflix – Narcos: Mexico Season 2

“Nothing Stays Pure” Campaign

“Party’s Over” Full Cast Teaser

A social-driven A/V campaign made the complex dynamics of this true-crime, period drama easy to grasp in order to build anticipation and drive viewership for its second season.

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true-crime drama
global launch campaign

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The Approach

Our campaign platform and tagline “Nothing Stays Pure” was not only a nod to the cocaine that Felix Gallardo built his empire on but also the empire itself, as his sprawling cartel threatens to implode.

A diverse array of social content was designed to helped make the complex themes, players, and knives-out dynamics of Narcos: Mexico Season 2 easy to grasp for the broadest possible audience…snackable for new viewers and a feast for returning fans.

The Work


In the custom video promo titled “Party’s Over,” Felix holds his position at the head of the table he’s gathered – but for how much longer? With glasses raised above and weapons drawn below, a haunting version of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” offers an ominous taste of what’s to come. Supporting videos using footage from the same shoot give viewers subtle teases of the alliances and rivalries that threaten to tear the cartel apart.


Prior to show footage being available, we shot a cryptic teaser featuring Diego Luna to announce the release date while giving a menacing hint as to what fans could expect in Season 2.


Utilizing a combination of originally shot footage and show clips, these character pieces ratchet up the intensity and show just how far Felix and the rest of the show’s primary characters are willing to go to get what they want.


To give viewers a better understanding of why Felix’s cartel is collapsing in on itself, we designed this graphic series that dives deeper into the drama of each of the plazas that comprise it.

The Results

The campaign’s engaging and impactful breakdown of the complex Narcos: Mexico universe drove viewership and engagement for the show, quickly landing it in Netflix’s “Top Ten” list.  Additionally, our content drove an estimated 10% increase in Narcos: Mexico social followers  and amassed nearly 2M views on Instagram in the weeks leading up to release which contributed to an increase in web interest in the show by roughly 1000% (based on search volume via google trends).

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